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Mother and Daughter ~ by DogloverSasha
Mother and Daughter ~
Yay! I've been meaning to get this done for like 3 days now. ;-;

Sooo this is my first art for Futrue-Of-The-Clans, and my first drawing of Lizardkit, my character in the group c: This is her and her beautiful mother, Koisplash. 

I hated Koi's eyes, but I kinda liked them at the same time..

And I screwed up on the speckles because I tried some new tactics for drawing spots...and I failed. I was too lazy to fix it though.

I tried a new style of drawing. Not sure if I like it.

Also, I was confused on Koisplash's eye color and pelt colors ;-; I'm willing to go back and fix things if necessary c:

AppleJaneBlack and summerpupp are the owners of Lizardkit's parents.

I'm off to draw Lizardkit and Falconkit

Peace Peace 

Koisplash (c) summerpupp
Lizardkit (c) DogloverSasha
Art (c) DogloverSasha
Flower Crown Scenie Pup Adopts~ OPEN by DogloverSasha
Flower Crown Scenie Pup Adopts~ OPEN
Not sure if I want to sell these babies, but I figured I'd post them just in case.

They are based off pictures of people wearing flower crowns. That is where I got the color palettes and the flower crown ideas.

Name your price. If I get a good offer, I'll probably let them go ;-;

10 :points: won't fly, so don't bother asking.

Sorry if I sound bitchy atm, I'm really tired and have a lot of homework to do.

No rules, respect that. Actually there is one rule. I can put rules in place if necessary. 

1) Open
2) Trinkenki
3) Open

Dank you, ta c:

Lineart (c) machinewolf2
Everything else (c) DogloverSasha
flowercrownbae~ by DogloverSasha
Ughhhhhhh. Would you believe that everything in the drawing was made by *me*? owo

Yea, I made this design and I just can't bring myself to sell it. I made this art for her so she can be worth more moneys. I really don't want to give her away but dang I can't keep her. I need the money ;-;

Yes, it says "Prince X" on the drawing. That is my username on the site I'm selling her on. c: And if you watch me you'll know it is my drawing because I have this chunky style I can't seem to get rid of ;-;

It also took me longer to come up with the design than it actually did to draw this picture... ^^;

So yea. 


Everything (c) DogloverSasha
:: for fawnlee by DogloverSasha
:: for fawnlee
Yurp, this is the offspring of Clouds and Pastry.

Yea...I forgot about these guys. fawnlee gave me a kind reminder and now I have one more design to finish. *yay*
This is for fawnlee. I hope you enjoy c:

IF YOU DO NOT LIKE YOUR PUP, I WOULD GLADLY MAKE YOU ANOTHER ONE! Here is the catch :: You MUST keep your remake, even if you like the first one better than the remake, so be careful when you ask for a remake ;w;

Design (c) DogloverSasha

Lineart and Brushfoxes do not belong to me.

This is for fawnlee's use and fawnlee's use only.</sub>
Lizardkit Tryout || FotC by DogloverSasha
Lizardkit Tryout || FotC
|| Basic Information ||
Name: Lizardkit
• Prefix - Lizard | Named by her long tail, sharp ears, and firm snout.
• Suffix - Kit | The suffix of every kit
• Previous names - N/A

Age: Unborn
Gender: ♀ - She-kit
    Father :: Maine Coon Mix || Mother :: Unknown 

Birth season: Bare-leaf

Clan: ShadeClan
Position: Kit
Apprentice | Mentor: N/A

Religious Beliefs: ★☆☆
"Well, we all had to come from somewhere! I think it sounds pretty real..."

|| Appearance Information ||
Fur Statistics:
●○○○○○○○○○ ➟ Rough
●○○○○○○○○○ ➟ Dry
●●●○○○○○○ ➟ Smooth
●●●●●●○○○ ➟ Soft


Brief Description: Lizardkit is a white kitten with brown patches all over her soft pelt. She is often described as a tortoiseshell, but it is only known that her father is a Maine Coon mix. She has big, shining sea greenish-blue eyes and pointy ears. She also has silky speckled hair that flows down the right side of her face. 

Body Type: Lizardkit is slightly smaller than her siblings. She had long legs for her size and is very lean. Her fur hides most of her small muscles; but you can tell her legs are very strong just by looking at them. 
• Scars: N/A

Voice: Her voice is rather high-pitched, but very sweet and soft. 
• Example: N/A

Scent: She smells of pine-cones and evergreens because she enjoys playing around near them and their needles.

• Inches :: 4
• Centimeters :: 10.16

• Pounds :: 2
• Ounces :: 32

●●●●●●○○○ ➟ Eyesight
●●●●●●○○○ ➟ Touch
●●○○○○○○○ ➟ Hearing
●●●●○○○○○ ➟ Taste
●●●●●●●○○ ➟ Smell

Daily life:
●●●●●○○○○ ➟ Memory
●●○○○○○○○ ➟ Leadership
●●●●●●●●●○ ➟ Willingness to learn

●●○○○○○○○ ➟ Strength 
●●●○○○○○○ ➟ Endurance
●●●●●○○○○ ➟ Agility
●●●○○○○○○ ➟ Defense
●●●●●●○○○ ➟ Intelligence
●●○○○○○○○ ➟ Accuracy

○○○○○○○○ ➟ Medicine knowledge

|| Personality ||

Bullet; Green Shy / Bullet; Green Modest / Bullet; Green Sweet / Bullet; Green Honest / Bullet; Green Gentle / Bullet; White Daddy's little Princess / Bullet; White Mommy's Girl / Bullet; Red Naive /
Bullet; Red Sensitive / Bullet; Red Crybaby

{Bullet; Green Shy}
Lizardkit is very shy toward those she does not know personally. She tends to hang out with only her siblings and parents. She is not very social and feels uncomfortable around other the other kits. She doesn't say much and isn't the one to strike up a conversation; or engage in one really. Although she may be shy, she prefers to be around at least one other cat than she prefers to be alone.

{Bullet; Green Modest}
She doesn't like to take credit for anything she does, even if it was really great. She likes to do things for her family secretly, even though they have all figured out that it is her doing this stuff. She tries to be helpful and productive, and wishes she could contribute to her clan more than she already has.

{Bullet; Green Sweet}
If you get the chance to get close the Lizardkit, you'll realize how sweet and caring she is. She looks out for everyone, regardless of her feelings towards them. She tries to smile at anyone who looks in her direction. Her smile can light up the forest, according to her mother. She puts her siblings before herself even when she doesn't realize it.

{Bullet; Green Honest}
Lizardkit would never be caught dead telling a lie. She will always tell you the truth, even if it hurts a little. She isn't brutally honest though, she will try to put a cherry on top of anything mean she may say, but sometimes some things can't be said in a nice way. Even if it may sound mean, she never is trying to be mean, just trying to be honest.

{Bullet; Green Gentle}
Lizardkit is very gentle and sensitive. She knows exactly what to say at the right moments, and is very good at comforting her siblings. She has a warm, inviting way of helping others. It is very hard to anger her, and she is never wishes to anger anyone else.

{Bullet; White Daddy's little Princess}
Lizardkit finds enjoyment out of making her father proud. She likes to be around him, and she loves to talk to him about life. He often praises her for being his little princess, and she loves it when he praises her. She tries not to be a bad kitten, for she would be very hurt if her father ever was disappointed in her.

{Bullet; White Mommy's Girl}
Lizardkit is very close with her mother. She depends on her mother for anything and everything. She will not make an important decision without her mother's input. She feels much better when she is around her mother, and doesn't like to stray away from her mother very often. She wants to be just like her mother when she grows up.

{Bullet; Red Naive}
Although Lizardkit loves to learn, she certainly is not wise beyond her ages. She doesn't learn from her mistakes very easily, and it may take a few attempts for her to get something right. She also likes to try new things, but can find herself getting into situations she shouldn't be in. She is very innocent, and other find it cute how clueless, clumsy, and unwise she can be. 

{Bullet; Red Sensitive}
Lizardkit is probably the most sensitive kitten in her litter. She cannot stand it when others think less of her; and can get offended by the simplest jokes. She hates it when she brothers and sister make fun of her, and her feelings get hurt very easily. You have to be very delicate when talking to her; you might end up saying something she takes much offense to.

{Bullet; Red Crybaby}
She may be sensitive on the inside, but she is also sensitive on the outside. She will cry over the smallest things, and everyone knows that when she is crying, she's not very hurt, but it never hurts to check. She doesn't do this for attention like lots of crybabies do, but she does it because she is fragile. Her siblings often joke about her never being able to go in battle because when a cat touches her, she will start crying. Her mother always defends her, saying she will grow out of it when she becomes older.

• - Pinecones
• - Small animals
• - Curling up under big trees
• - Quiet kits
• - The sounds of nature

• - Anything crunchy
• - Loud, noisy cats
• - Arguing
• - Blood
• - Hurting other's feelings

• - Drowning
• - Being lost
• - Losing her family
• - Going to the Dark Forest
• - Being captured by humans

• - Having a litter of 3 kits; two males and one female
• - Learning to swim
• - Becoming a Medicine Cat ( conflicts with having kits )
• - Overcoming her fear of being lost
• - Losing her "shy" trait

|| Sexual Information ||
Relationship status: Single, not looking for a mate. ( She is pretty young.. )
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual

Activity: Virgin
Hot List: (Name | Rank | Clan | Role-player)
• Sexual - 
• Non-sexual - 
• Relationship is no-longer - 
• Regret - 

{✔}=Active | {✘}=Non-active | {?}=Nothing happening

Looking For
• Lasting Relationship - ? 
• Quick Fling - ?
• Unsure - 

• - Darker colored toms
• - Grey eyes
• - Polite toms
• - Sleek, short pelts

• - Flirty toms
• - Short tails
• - Narrow eyes
• - Large builds

• ?   

|| Family Tree ||
Koisplash | Alive | ShadeClan | summerpupp

Nightwave | Alive | ShadeClan | AppleJaneBlack

Pinekit | Alive | ShadeClan | N/A
Falconkit | Alive | ShadeClan | N/A
Oceankit | Alive | ShadeClan | N/A





|| Biography ||

|Prior to Birth|

   -- ( Will be added as she learns more about her family )


   Born to Koisplash and Nightwave along her with siblings Falconkit, Pinekit, and Oceankit. 


   -- ( Will be added when she ages )

|Adult [Rank]|

   -- ( Will be added when she ages )

|| Relationships ||

Bullet; Purple = Family
Bullet; Yellow = Respect || Bullet; YellowBullet; Yellow = Admire
Bullet; Blue = Acquaintance || Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue = Friend
Bullet; Green = Good friend || Bullet; GreenBullet; Green = Best friend
Bullet; Pink = Crush || Bullet; PinkBullet; Pink = (forming) Love || Heart = Mate
Bullet; Black = Uncertainty || Bullet; BlackBullet; Black = Uneasiness.
Bullet; Red = Discomfort/Dislike || Bullet; RedBullet; Red = Hate
Bullet; Orange Irritated/Annoyed by || Bullet; OrangeBullet; Orange = Jealous of
Bullet; White = Fear


:bulletpurple: Oceankit :: "He's cool. We don't talk much because he's adventurous and always out playing and I'm...not. I wish I got to know him better."
:bulletpurple: Falconkit :: "Falconkit and I are so smart when we work together! I love hanging out with him!"
:bulletblue::bulletblue: Pinekit :: "We aren't that close yet " 




|| Role-play Information ||

Status: Open
Timezone: Eastern Time Zone

• {} Chat Rp
• {} Comment Rp
• {} Note Rp
• {} Skype Rp

✔= Yes | ✘= No | ?= Maybe

Lizardkit stretched her legs out, opening her mouth to release a yawn that made her face stretch so much it hurt. She shook her head, plopping back down to the ground after her nice stretch. It wasn't even sunrise yet. Lizardkit sighed. 
'Why does my family have to be sleepy butts,' she thought to herself. It seemed as if her family was always sleeping, especially her mother. She rolled over, looking at Pinekit curled up with Oceankit. Falconkit didn't lay too far away. He was curled into a tight ball that made him seem so much smaller and innocent-er. 'Innocent'-er?' she thought to herself, chuckling at her new word. Her chuckle made Pinekit roll over and off Oceankit. Lizardkit slowly stretched again before gracefully getting up and sitting there.

The sun was rising. Very slowly, but it was rising. She watched the sky get lighter and lighter. It fascinated her how the sun moved throughout the day and then was gone in the night. She wanted to ride the sun, watching her family from the sun as they disappeared over the horizon. Her mother told her that maybe when she joined StarClan, she'd be able to ride the sun. Lizardkit couldn't wait until she got to take a ride on the giant orangey-yellow ball. She turned around to see that Pinekit was waking up. Finally.

Art ©
Character ©
Layout © cronest / Bluefallstripe

Application Sheet © October-Owl



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Sooo my parents got me a new Macbook Pro! I'm so happy! 

Anyway, I hope to get a sparkly rhinestone mouse ( don't judge me and my rhinestones -_- ) and I hope to get SAI on here too so I can draw ALL DAY. :D




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HELLO! I'm Sasha, but you can call me Sasha =3

Stuuf you should know about me -

:bulletblack: Can't live without pie.
:bulletpink: Can't live without muffins.
:bulletwhite: I can be stupid :dummy:
:bulletblack: Don't expect much from me
:bulletpink: I love making friends :glomp:
:bulletwhite: I do random gifting.
:bulletblack: I will murder you for whining :chainsaw:
:bulletpink: I will block you if you spam.
:bulletwhite: I love newbs =3=
:bulletblack: I speak my mind
:bulletpink: I don't tolerate people who are jerks to my friends.
:bulletwhite: I can be mean if you piss me off.
:bulletblack: Don't ask to use my OC's
:bulletpink: Don't ask for free stuff
:bulletwhite: Don't ask for points
:bulletblack: Don't thank me for watches or favs. You are welcome c:
:bulletpink: Don't ask for coupons.
:bulletwhite: Don't ask for me to join your group.
:bulletpink: Confused? Ask me reasonable questions. :D
:bulletwhite: I have been told I give good advice, so don't hesitate to ask d:

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